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The Concept behind Single Use Virtual Card

The Concept behind Single Use Virtual Card

The Concept behind Single Use Virtual Card

The Concept behind Single Use Virtual Card


Virtual credit cards are considered to be unique credit card numbers that allow you to transact on your major bank account without using the actual number of your credit card account. You can restrict a virtual credit card number for use at a single credit agency. And you can also be able to indicate a spending limit or a specific expiration date for a single use virtual card.

The producer of a virtual credit card number lets you block or delete a particular virtual account number whenever and wherever you feel like it. This way, you have more possibilities to prevent fraudulent purchases without influencing your main credit card account. Also, you can develop a new virtual account number to keep making purchases at that credit facility.

All of this gives you a chance to protect your main credit card account details in a world where data scams have become pitiful reality.

Benefits of virtual credit cards

The main benefit of virtual credit cards is the ability to limit the account operations. If your major bank account number is revealed to the third party, you’d have to get it changed. Sadly, this can cause issues with every venue you’ve managed recurring payments while using your previous card number.

Instead, the virtual credit card characteristic allows you to keep your major credit card account active. At the same time, eliminating the virtual card mitigates the risk of your major bank account being exposed in a financial scam. It also saves you the hassle of monitoring and updating your recurring payments with venues other than the one influenced by the scam.

If you want to limit your spending with particular venues, a single use virtual card will help you to do so. Depending on your financial office, you may be able to establish a virtual account number with the spending limit and other settings you need.

Closing Note

Virtual credit cards can give you some peace of mind when doing the shopping or making a payment online or on the phone. What’s good is that your virtual credit card number doesn’t need to be compromised, as you can delete or block it with a single click. That said, the process of getting virtual credit card numbers can cause some mess due to the lacking liability policies. If you cringe at the mere possibility of getting caught in a data breach, you’ll surely like the extra security measure provided by single use virtual cards issuers.

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