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Our Values Goats

Our Values

Our Values Goats - Slaughter goat

Our Values Goats - Slaughter sheep


Our Values Goats - Breeding livestock

Customer Service, Client Confidentiality, Professionalism, Trust, Mutual Benefit - Capricorn pastoral are attempting to provide a more open pricing policy to our custmers. Goat prices, sheep prices and dairy cattle pricing is available on the latest news. Open pricing should help international livestock agents and importers to establish budgets and costs.

Animal Health Policy

As members of NSW Farmers Association we follow their Animal Welfare Policy.

We also follow and adhere to the MLA policies of “Is it fit to export?” and “Is it fit to load?”

New animal welfare laws for stock transport are likely to apply in 2009. We follow the Australian Livestock Transporters Association 9 rules of preparation for Producers and Agents. Good animal welfare in stock transport is a shared responsibility.

Environmental Policy

Organic weed control
Non mechanical options for weed control in Australia
Non Chemical weed control options for Australian farmers
Sustainable use of water

Livestock Replacement Policy

We have a replacement policy on all our goats and sheep, we regularly travel to Malaysian client properties to observe and offer advice on goat production systems. We believe it is very important that we pass on our knowledge and experience with goats to all goat producers and offer it as part of our export service

OIE List Classification of Diseases - click

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Monday 24th of October 2016 01:13:30 AM