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What is a Push Subscription and How to Earn on Notifications?

What is a Push Subscription and How to Earn on Notifications?

What is a Push Subscription and How to Earn on Notifications?

What is a Push Subscription and How to Earn on Notifications?


Unequivocally, you have noticed that on most sites there is a window appearing with the option to "Allow" or "Block" the distribution of notifications from the site, which you are located at. If you give permission, then this is a Push-subscription. As new content appears on the site or at the request of the administration, you will receive notifications in the browser, clicking on which will immediately go to the specified URL.

This technology has appeared relatively recently, but there are already advertising networks that offer a new type of traffic for a "reasonable" price and affiliate programs ready to buy Push-subscribers for good money. In fact, there are many ways to earn money on Push technology.

How to Earn on Push Notifications?

Today, we will consider push monetization-monetizing the site by selling subscriptions. To do this, add your site, confirm the rights, and choose the method of displaying the push subscription. After this procedure, you need to copy the code for calling the subscription script and post it on your website. By the way, if you use an affiliate program, it will allow you to get not only site owners, but also arbitrators. On the page adding the site, just go down a little bit and get a direct link with a unique domain, where you subsequently direct traffic to and earn money from subscriptions. The ransom occurs instantly and the funds are credited to the balance sheet.

After the code is installed on the site, the following window should appear: «I'm not a robot». It will be centered. After the user ticks "I'm not a robot", a second window will open asking if you want to receive notifications to confirm the capture of the captcha. The user of the site clicks "Allow" - and a subscription with instant redemption occurs. The process of monetization is very simple!

How Much Can You Earn on Push Subscriptions?

The web already has information about how much the owners of not very serious projects earn. Analyzing the direction of monetization, we came to the conclusion that the factor of profitability is played by 3 factors:

  • Traffic amount
  • A kind of subscription form for push notifications
  • Geography of the project audience

It's logical that the more traffic your site collects, the more you earn. Since the technology of Push-notifications is gainining popualrity and is present on most sites, there will be no sanctions from the search engines. And for those who love and use only classic advertising networks - Google Adsense and Yandex.Direct - it will become an additional profitable scheme for monetizing their sites, without losing revenue from the main directions.

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